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phpBB 3.2.0 Rhea is Here!

phpBB 3.2.0 Rhea is Here!
07 Jan 2017 was a big day for the phpBB community, as we excited to await phpBB 3.2.0 to be released. With the help of over 100 developer volunteers, the Rhea Landing 2017 becomes true. Now you have 2 options: remains on the Ascraeus, Mars or keep moving with us on the new moon, Rhea of the Saturn.

This article only lists changes from phpBB 3.1 to 3.2 at the end-user level. If you are an extension developer or style designer, you would like to read the previous article to find out code changes in components.

phpBB 3.1 lacks the Emoji support. Entering any Emoji codes from your mobile keyboard, you will get the phpBB error "Unsupported characters..." or the MySQL string bytes error "Incorrect string value...". Now, from a lovely grin 😁 to a rainbow unicorn 🦄, Emoji can liven up all posts on your phpBB board!

The new improved quoting system in 3.2 shows a link to the quoted post and post author. The full date time of the quoted post is now also available to get all the information in one glance. However, the syntax of quote tags is more complex than previously thought.

Old syntax:

New syntax:
[quote=username post_id=post_ID time=UNIX_timestamp user_id=user_ID]text[/quote]

By refactoring the notifications system, 3.2 notifications now work faster and more efficiently. This change also reduces the posting time to be almost instantaneous. Unfortunately, this is a backward incompatible change. 3.1 extensions that use the old notification component will not work on 3.2.

Search Keywords
3.2 has removed the list of synonyms words (search_synonyms.php) and ignored keywords (search_ignore_words.php) from language files. Then you have only one option left: Min/Max characters indexed by search, in the search settings. Based on the selected search backend, provided by phpBB or another extension, you could have more options than to control search keywords.

Authentication with OAuth
3.1 has 3 authentication methods with OAuth: Facebook, Google and Bit.ly. All of them are OAuth v2, because 3.1 does not support OAuth v1, used by Twitter. By adding support for OAuth v1, now your visitors can login via their Twitter accounts.

Database Management Systems
Since the minimum PHP version of 3.2, PHP 5.4, MSSQL and SQLite 2 extensions have been removed and are no longer part of the PHP distribution. So as phpBB has dropped the support for MSSQL 2000 via PHP extension and SQLite from 2.x to 3.6.14. Please note before upgrading.

Available newer options:
- MSSQL 2000 (via ODBC)
- SQL Server 2005+ (later Native versions, via the PHP extension SQLSRV)
- SQLite 3.6.15+ (bundled with PHP 5.3.0, however, phpBB 3.2 requires PHP 5.4+)
3.1 does not support PHP7, although it still can run on this PHP branch. On posts using BBCode tags, error notices will print out the screen. 3.2 official supports PHP 7.0, and even is PHP 7.1 which has released on December 2016. Once your server upgraded to PHP7, you must upgrade your phpBB to 3.2.

Why you should upgrade to PHP7? Yeah that's the promotion: "PHP7 works twice as fast as previous PHP versions, with the same old source code". By using PHP7, not only your code will be executed faster but you will also need fewer servers to serve the same amount of users. But the fact results? It depends on the code do what, but with a lot of complex PHP code within phpBB, surely you can see the performance improvement.

The unhappy fact, 4 of 5 default CAPTCHA plugins on 3.1, includes reCAPTCHA 1.0 by Google, are breakable by automated spambot tools. The last stand hero, "Questions and Answers" plugin, still remains on the spamming battle, with the high complexity questions from administrators.

phpBB development team is strongly encouraged to upgrade to reCAPTCHA 2.0 to help you to win these battles, and 3.2 did it! Easy on humans, hard on bots! You could see it somewhere: Select all images with the sample image, with palm trees, dogs, cats, pizza pieces, front stores, rivers, traffic signs...

3.2 comes with a lot of console commands to control your phpBB board via the terminal.

List all installed and available migrations:
php bin/phpbbcli.php db:list
Show only available migrations (have not yet installed/applied during the update process):
php bin/phpbbcli.php db:list -u
Revert a migration:
php bin/phpbbcli.php db:revert migration_name

BBCode content
Lists the types of text that can be re-parsed:
php bin/phpbbcli.php reparser:list
Re-parses stored text with the s9e Text Formatter:
php bin/phpbbcli.php reparser:reparse

Attachment thumbnails
Generate all missing thumbnails:
php bin/phpbbcli.php thumbnail:generate
Delete all existing thumbnails:
php bin/phpbbcli.php thumbnail:delete
Delete and re-create all thumbnails:
php bin/phpbbcli.php thumbnail:recreate

User accounts
Create a new user account:
php bin/phpbbcli.php user:add
Create a new user account with pre-entered data:
php bin/phpbbcli.php user:add -U username -P password -E email_address
Create a new user account but require email activation:
Adds the option --send-email in 2 commands above.

Delete an user account:
php bin/phpbbcli.php user:delete username
Activate an user account:
php bin/phpbbcli.php user:activate username
Resend the email activation:
php bin/phpbbcli.php user:activate --send-email username
Deactivate an user account:
php bin/phpbbcli.php user:activate -d username
Update all clean usernames for searching (The column username_clean in the table phpbb_users)
php bin/phpbbcli.php user:reclean

Check for updates
Check for new phpBB version:
php bin/phpbbcli.php update:check
Check for new extension version:
php bin/phpbbcli.php update:check ext_package_name

phpBB 3.2 Requirements
  • PHP 5.4+
  • Database management system
    • MySQL 3.23+
    • MariaDB 5.1+
    • MSSQL 2000 (ODBC) or SQL Server 2005+
    • Oracle 8i+
    • PostgreSQL 8.3+
    • SQLite 3.6.15+
  • PHP components
    • getimagesize() function
    • JSON extension
    • XML extension
Reference: https://www.phpbb.com/about/launch/

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